Economic Development Advisory Board


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Thursday of the month
  • Community Development Conference Room


Meeting Minutes


Member Elected Official Term Appointment Date
Expiration Date
Allauddin Baksh
At-Large (4 years)
At Will
Minority Owned Business
May 17, 2017 Resolution 17-132
April 2021
Robert Oxenhorn At-Large (4 years)

At Will Commerce Representative

May 20, 2015 Resolution 15-127 April 2019
Irina Pinos Winston F. Barnes At Will  January 17, 2018
​ Resolution 18-55
At Will
Terrence Rice
Maxwell B. Chambers
At Will
May 17, 2017 Resolution 17-132
At Will
Darryl Holsendolph
Yvette Colbourne
At Will
May 17, 2017 Resolution 17-132
At Will
Hermane Etienne
Darline B. Riggs At Will
September 16, 2015
Resolution 15-207
At Will
Freddy Justino Castillo
Wayne M. Messam
At Will
April 20, 2011
Resolution 11-99
At Will
Please note: 4-year terms effective after April 4, 2012 - Ordinance 12-11

The purpose of the Economic Development Advisory Board is to provide the City with the benefit of knowledge, experience and business resources and to advise the City Commission and the City Manager as to specific issues regarding efforts to expand and diversify the commercial/industrial as well as to provide input relative to commercial redevelopment and revitalization.