Current Exhibit


featuring artwork by Teresa Cabello

September 15 - November 20, 2022

The artwork of Teresa Cabello is about fracture, blurriness, fade and breaking of the whole.  Nostalgia of what once was complete. Fragments struggling between reality and imagination.

Everybody lives a rupture.  Like many immigrants, she left behind her roots, her traditions, her loved ones, her belongings, to reinvent herself in a new landscape.  Memories and feelings, are now scattered pieces, coming randomly to her mind, uselessly trying to fit in this new reality.  She is broken.

 Teresa Cabello proposes fragments of human figures framed in an indeterminate space and time.  Not broken pieces or loose parts that seek to engage to complete a whole.  Each of them is presented as an individual and complete unit, as a short story in the anthology of her life.

Somehow, we are all broken so we need to do something new with the pieces. 


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