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Recruitment & Hiring Guide

The below information is a guide designed to assist hiring managers with the different phases of the recruitment process. If you have any questions or would like additional information/resources please contact Human Resources.

The Talent Acquisition can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Recruitment Process
  • Applicant Review and Hiring
  • New Employee On-boarding Initiatives


Recruitment Process

The recruitment process begins with a vacancy through resignation, termination or the creation of a new position. To fill a vacancy, the hiring manager should meet with Human Resources to create and update the job description of the vacant position, and develop a recruitment plan. Please see below for more details.

  1. Creating, updating or modifying the job description for the vacant position is one of the first steps required in the beginning of the recruitment process. The hiring manager must also recognize that changing position details are often dependent on the collective bargaining agreement covering the employee, employee status (e.g. full-time, part-time) as well as ordinances, and Civil Service Rules (Municipal Code). 

    All job descriptions include the following:
    • Position Summary: Position overview that identifies purpose and objective of the job
    • Essential Functions: The task, duties and responsibilities of the job
    • Minimum Qualifications: Minimum Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to enter the job
    • Success Factors: Personal characteristics that contribute to a person’s ability to perform the job
    • Working Conditions: Environment in which the job is performed
  2. Develop a Recruitment Plan - Develop a recruitment plan with your Human Resources to establish pre-screening procedures, interview procedures and hiring procedures for the vacant position.
  3. Applicant Review and Hiring –The information below highlights the steps that for reviewing applicants and interviewing candidates. Hiring managers will work with Human Resources during this process.

Screening Applicants

Screening applicants for minimum qualifications-Applicants must meet all the minimum qualifications that have been specified in the job description to become a candidate for the position. Human Resources will assist with the initial screening of applicants directly and by helping the department establish a pre-screening process.

After the top candidate (s) has been identified and the appropriate background checks have been conducted, Human Resources will ensure the following steps are completed:

  1. The Job offer—The Human Resources will first confirm that the job offer is within the budgeted dollars for the position before extending an offer. If a job offer exceeds the budget for the position, the Human Resources will consult with the compensation department. Official job offers of employment with the City must come from a Human Resources.
  2. Background checks are required by the City of Miramar background policy and must be performed on all candidates that are offered a position. The Human Resources Department will be responsible for conducting all background checks. A criminal check will be conducted on all new employees, regardless of the position. Depending on the type of position, other types of background checks could be conducted including but not limited to civil, degree verification and financial credit checks.
  3.  Pre- Employment drug/alcohol screening and physical for new hires as deemed appropriate by the position, which is being filled by new employee.


Once a candidate has accepted the offer of employment with the City On-boarding is both the responsibility of the department/hiring manager and Human Resources. Generally, an employee’s' first impressions of the department are formed during the hiring process. Departments and Human Resources must ensure that their interactions during this period are positive and consistent. The following are new employee orientation checklist will help department's achieve this goal.