Building Code Compliance


The Miramar Building Code Compliance Section is responsible for investigating all violations of the Florida Building Code. Violations range from unlicensed contractors and unpermitted construction work to all unresolved violations of the applicable building codes. Violations are investigated for validity by the Building Code Compliance Inspectors.

Violation Process

Code Violations are reported by the public and other county/state agencies through complaint letters or phone calls.

The Florida Building Code mandates the Building Official to issue Notices of Violations and Citations, which carry a civil penalty of up to $500 for any person, firm, corporation, or agent who commences work without first applying for a building permit. Any such person, firm, corporation, or agent who fails to comply with a Notice of Violation or Citation may be brought before the Unsafe Structure Board or the Municipal Court for disciplinary action.

Reporting a Violation

If you have observed or witnessed a building code compliance violation, you may: