Sergio Ortiz Soccer Tutoring

Sergio Ortiz brings over 15 years of experience teaching all levels of the sport he loves Soccer. Sergio has taught and coached in many local clubs such as:

  • West Pines
  • Miami Lakes
  • Miramar Strikers
  • Miramar United Elite

His true passion is teaching the fundamentals of the game, and initiating kids from an early age, helping them fall in love with the sport, while learning the correct way to play the game. His tutoring focuses on correct ball control, handling, dribbling, the development of motor skills such as agility and balance, and the overall understanding of the philosophy behind the “Beautiful Game”. Sergio Ortiz Soccer Tutoring Program runs year round, enhancing and complimenting local recreational programs, competitive clubs, high school players and college players stay active, and in shape while achieving set goals. Sergio Ortiz Soccer does not compete with any institution, club, league or program, as he only focuses on tutoring and teaching, not competing. SOS Tutoring will focus on instructing players from all levels on the fundamentals all the way to advance training skills and techniques used by professional players in order to sharpen the players’ skills.


His tutoring is a perfect complement to any and all local soccer programs, as he does not compete to take over any team or players, but rather enhance their abilities and knowledge so they can take their game, skills, and levels to their maximum potential.

Miramar Regional Park 
16801 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, FL 33027

PH: 954-639-1043


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