The Miramar Police Department’s Volunteer Chaplains Unit was established to provide aid and comfort to those in need and to provide a calm and thoughtful presence in times of stress, hardship and grief.

The department’s Chaplains Unit was formed to provide religious guidance, counseling, and assistance for officers, their families, and the community. The chaplains are trained clergy or lay pastors of a recognized religious denomination, who are active in their local churches, but serve in a nondenominational role when representing the police department. They do not promote their religion to those they minister to.


The Miramar Police Department supports this program by providing the necessary training and materials to maintain its proficiency. Due to the enormous responsibility and the sensitive confidential nature of the work, the selection process for membership and assignment to the Chaplains Unit is strict in concept and policy and reflects the highest professional standards. Membership to the unit is limited to those professionals having a minimum of five years experience as an active minister.

The Miramar Police Department is privileged to have chaplains who volunteer their time and effort to serve this department and the community. For further information on the Chaplains Unit, please contact Office of the Chief at 954-602-4400.
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Don King
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Earl Richards
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