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Jun 02

Hello First Time Home Buyers - Are you priced out of the market?

Posted to City of Miramar Blog by Jenny Mackie

Prices of single-family homes are at an all-time high and rent prices are increasing. What are those seeking to purchase their first home to do? With first-time home buyers being priced out of the market, what are their alternatives?   

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Nov 28

Are the “Holiday Blues” Getting you Down?

Posted to Financial Blog from Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by Jenny Mackie

Invigorate Your day With These Helpful Tips.

For many people, the strain of the holiday and Christmas season frequently triggers emotions of melancholy and depression. People frequently suffer from what we refer to as the "Christmas Blues" for a variety of reasons, including concern about money, grief over lost loved ones, and more. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of respondents to a National Alliance on Mental Illness survey stated they were stressed out or experienced the "holiday blues." For some people, particularly those who are financially strapped, the holidays can be challenging. Your eagerly anticipated holidays may be marred by financial stress. Having said that, gift giving and attending Christmas parties tend to be the most stressful activities, particularly if you are hosting the event this year. Remember that you're not by yourself!

Stress, anxiety, and hopelessness are typically experienced around the holidays (we all know that). Therefore, allow me to lessen some of that strain by sending the blues away with a few of my energizing and useful suggestions that can be helpful when you're having a bad day. 

   1. Visit a friend or give then a ring-a-ling-a-ling.

   2. Get a journal and write down what you are feeling (be honest about it).

   3. Make one healthy change to your diet.

   4. Limit/reduce alcohol intake.

   5. Put on your music and go for a jog or stroll.

   6. Sign up for a group activity (like volunteering).

   7. Simplify everything.

   8. Pamper yourself/Self-care.

   9. Watch something funny (movie or stand of comedy).

   10. Try meditation.

These suggestions are all effective, many of them simple, and all feasible. You can write them down on a note card, save them in the Notes app on your phone, or use daily timers and calendar invites to remind yourself.

Consider them as remedies for enhancing your capacity to deal with difficult situations, enhancing your quality of life, and preserving your health and pleasure despite stress. As we approach the Christmas season, let's offer ourselves the gift of becoming more aware of the stressors in our lives and the actions we can take to combat them.  Enjoy the season, I believe in you!  



Feb 13

The Intersection of Arts and Athletics: Ernie Barnes x MCC

Posted to MCC by Alexis Fox

Miramar welcomed a weekend of fun and frenzy with Superbowl 2020 and the start of Black History Month  

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