Can I cancel my event?
Cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations made 180 days or more prior to the rental, will receive a refund, minus the initial deposit. There are no refunds for any cancellations made less than 180 days in advance. However, the money may be reapplied to fund a different rental within the next year, based on availability of the facility.

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1. What is included in the rental price for the facility?
2. How long is a standard rental?
3. How late can the events last?
4. Is it legal to charge admission?
5. Does the Miramar Cultural Center provide decorators?
6. Can the art gallery also be rented?
7. Will security be present at all events?
8. Can the Miramar Cultural Center supply chair covers and tablecloths?
9. Do you offer a limo, a photographer, or a DJ?
10. Can various items be stored at the Miramar Cultural Center on either side of an event?
11. Does the Miramar Cultural Center offer valet parking?
12. Do you offer free parking?
13. Does each client need liability insurance?
14. How can I contact the lost and found?
15. What are the alcohol requirements?
16. Can I cancel my event?